Attilio Solzi - Home Video Diary

Publisher Void

ISBN 9786188331808

Fascinated by vernacular photography and family home videos made during holidays and parties, Solzi’s idea was to make low-quality videos that mix the contemporary view of directors such as Ulrich Seidl and the poetics of certain avant-garde photography of the 1970s.‘Home Video Diary’ was a "time-consuming" project over 10 years that only ended when Attilio’s camcorder broke.The videos have been shot in the small Italian village where Attilio lived. The people portrayed on those videos aren’t actors or models but his acquaintances, friends and neighbours... People that he knew. People who allowed him to enter into their intimate moments, and who in return were able to enter into Attilio’s peculiar universe.

200 p, ills bw, 16 x 23 cm, hb, Italian/English


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Attilio Solzi - Home Video Diary