No Quarter Tune Andersen

Tune Andersen

Publisher Arkitektur B

ISBN 9788792700193

Idea Code 17484

Published with an exhibit of taxidermic sculptures and photography by visual artist Tune Andersen at the Theatre Museum in Copenhagen, this volume is filled with the nightmarish creations of a grotesque fascination. Birds with fish tails, rats with bird wings and heads, fish heads with antlers, beaks, or cat paws, eel faces worn like masks… Andersen is inspired by the age-old scientific process of identifying and preserving animal species, which reached its culmination in the 19th-century private cabinets of curiosities and rarities. Using the materials and methods of taxidermy, he constructs sculptures that arouse both reflection and disquiet in their macabre mimicry of animal forms.

120 p, ills colour, 20 x 30 cm, hb, Danish/English


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No Quarter Tune Andersen