Frederik Danielsen Drenge (Boys)

Publisher Disko Bay

ISBN 9788797052006

Drenge (Boys) by Frederik Danielsen, depicts the formative period from boy to man. A period where one gets the first profound feelings and the first hard blows. This universal life phase takes place everywhere, but in Drenge it plays out in the Danish small island Als, the surroundings where Danielsen grew up. The island resembles outskirts, but Drenge are not a book about growing up on the edge of life in the cities. For the six boys depicted, the outskirts are the centre of existence.They are fixing mopeds, driving races, do not drink beer yet and only talk about girls when no one is listening. In Drenge, boyhood and everyday life are mixed with teenage nervousness, coming of age and raw Danish nature.

120 p, ills colour, 21 x 27 cm, pb, Danish/English


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Frederik Danielsen Drenge (Boys)