The Artist As A Cabdriver - A Methodological Journey With Jeff Perkins

Johanna Viprey

Publisher Nero

ISBN 9788897503408

Idea Code 14730

In conjunction with her research project in progress, ‘Die Young or Stay Pretty’, artist Johanna Viprey published a book that narrates the encounter that has led her to investigate the personal history of Jeff Perkins, American performer, painter and documentary film-maker, from an anthropological perspective. For the past two years, Viprey has worked on compiling an archives of Perkins, whom she defines as a “professional outsider” who diligently collected his conversations with passengers. Through her project, she pursues the question of inserting material produced by an artist whose work was born outside of the contemporary art system into that very circuit.

216 p, ills bw, 15 x 23 cm, pb, English