Bouwen In Amsterdam: Zantkuijl (Rp-Dutch Only)


Publisher Architectura & Natura

ISBN 9789076863597

Idea Code 07536

Originally published as 60 separate instalments between 1973 and 1992, and later published in one monumental edition, this reprint is without a shadow of doubt the most thorough historical architectural survey of Amsterdam's houses, mansions and public buildings published to date. The survey begins with the earliest mediaeval examples of timber and stone houses and carries through to the middle of the 20th century – overflowing with black and white photographs of exteriors and interiors, sketches, plans and details. Despite the Dutch language only descriptions, the amount of visual information, combined with specific locations and addresses in the city for buildings and details, makes this a much sought after treat for architects, historians and admirers of Amsterdam.

768 p ills b/w 22 x 35 Dutch hb


Bouwen In Amsterdam: Zantkuijl (Rp-Dutch Only)