Rudy Guedj & Will Pollard - Tummy Rubble

Publisher Building Fictions

ISBN 9789082771206

The result of a collaboration between designer Rudy Guedj and writer Will Pollard, the book displays the script of a video work created for the exhibition 'Signals from the Periphery' that took place at the Tallinn Art Hall in 2017. Taking the building of the museum as the starting point for a speculative game, 'Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble)' narrates and illustrates a series of fictional after-hours encounters set within imagined versions of the art hall and the club located in its basement. Its characters play a drunken game of association, passing through images and metaphors of the digesting body and of architectural form. .

50 p, ills colour, 19 x 28 cm, pb, English


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Rudy Guedj & Will Pollard - Tummy Rubble