Dawid: This Is A Photograph

Dawid, Steven Henry Madoff

Publisher Art And Theory Publishing

ISBN 9789188031068

Idea Code 15706

The most extensive monograph published to date on Dawid, aka Björn Dawidsson, spans five decades of prolific work and traces the path of this groundbreaking Swedish photographer. The medium of photography itself is as much the subject of his artistic expression as the depicted subject, and experimentation with its deconstruction has always been a crucial aspect of his work, which even includes photography series made without a camera. Minimal and conceptual, yet also sensual, his oeuvre is given generous form through the reproduction of over 30 of his most outstanding series, from the late 1970s to his most recent work. With an essay by Steven Henry Madoff.

400 p, ills colour &bw, 22 x 28 cm, hb, English