Ola Pehrson Retrospective

Publisher Art And Theory Publishing

ISBN 9789198087413

Idea Code 13582

This is the culmination of an extensive project of gathering and documenting the production of Swedish artist Ola Pehrson, whose oeuvre moves between large-scale systems, such as the global economy and mass media, and the intimate domestic sphere. At its core is Pehrson’s keen interest in human behaviour and its mechanisms. The two-part book comprises critical essays with various perspectives and analyses of his practice, and detailed overviews of his most significant artworks. With contributions by Anneli Bäckman, Saša Nabergoj, Joa Ljungberg, Thomas Broomé, Karin Hansson, Nada Beros, Takuji Kogo, Karen Diamond, November Paynter and Björn Pehrson.

186 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, Swedish/English