New Romantic Spirit; Woody Van Amen & Hidde Van Schie

Publisher Nai010 Publishers

ISBN 9789462082243

Idea Code 15090

'New Romantic Spirit' is an artistic encounter between two Dutch artists, the Pop Art legend Woody van Amen (b. 1936) and visual artist and musician Hidde van Schie (b. 1978). Both artists search for images that can express a new, contemporary sense of life. In this publication their oeuvres are juxtaposed intuitively. Images of their work are shown, but additionally great emphasis is placed on visual material that serves as ‘further evidence’: images of travels, studio photographs and material that inspired them. This book is put together by the artists themselves and represents a visual journey through their influences, motives and sources of inspiration.

192 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English