Frans Jozef Van Rensch - Light In The Dusk

Publisher Lecturis

ISBN 9789462261976

Frans Jozef van Rensch was born in the Netherlands but has been travelling for his whole life. The photos he has taken on the way reflect his character: engaged, restrained and authentic. His modesty has on every continent opened doors to closed worlds that he shares with us in a soft, almost philosophical way. The people who stand in front of his camera feel that they are dealing with a sensitive artist, not a voyeur. His integrity is so clearly evident that he rarely encounters resistance. Frans Jozef knows neither glamour nor hypocrisy and reserves a special place for the outcast, the needy child and the desperate beggar.

304 p, ills colour, 27 x 39 cm, hb, English


Frans Jozef Van Rensch - Light In The Dusk