Barry Van Der Rijt - Exquisite Errors Dmco-1

Publisher The Eriskay Connection

ISBN 9789492051134

Idea Code 15658

Nowadays, every movie or film we see is digital. In order to view them, a codec is needed – something that encodes or decodes, compresses or decompresses data – but the motion picture can still be briefly distorted, depending on various factors, from signal glitches or frequency interference to faulty files. These distortions are called codec errors. This guide has collected images from these exact moments of significant digital disturbance or dysfunction in order to classify them according to the “Codec Order” concept. The resulting images are vibrantly coloured, unfathomably pixelated and blurred in a confused digital lexicon that is beyond our grasp to comprehend.

288 p, ills colour, 16 x 21 cm, pb, English


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