Barry Van Der Rijt - Scratch Tick Pop

Publisher The Eriskay Connection

ISBN 9789492051332

Artist Barry van der Rijt embraces imperfection, closely examining aberrations of all kinds and generally perceiving anomalies with allure. For his latest project, Van der Rijt distilled unintended scratches and ticks produced by the playback of damaged vinyl records, collecting and then re-recording them onto another LP. Believing that these intriguing sounds deserve to be re-valued, he ordered them chronologically to produce an odd sort of medley that reflects the history of pop music, with titles describing the exact source of every snippet of sound. In publishing the material in this way, Van der Rijt creates a fascinating podium for the undesired.

4 p, ills colour, 31 x 31 cm, pb, English


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Barry Van Der Rijt - Scratch Tick Pop