The Long Way Home Of Ivan Putnik, Truck Driver

Vaste Programme

Publisher The Eriskay Connection

ISBN 9789492051660

Idea Code 21260

This collection of photographs and notes on remote Siberian roads and towns seems to have been created by a truck driver named Ivan Putnik. In fact, the images were taken by various amateur photographers who then uploaded them to Google Street View. Fascinated by their visual diversity, the artistic trio Vaste Programme recontextualised the pictures to create a fictional story. Apart from offering a rare look at this remote area, the cropped stills represent universal environmental issues such as pollution, fossil fuel extraction, and the transformation of the landscape. Rather than amplifying the archetypal image of life in Siberia, the book provides both classic and unusual insights.

144 p, ills colour, 12 x 16 cm, pb, English


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