The Transhistorical Museum - Mapping The Field

E. Wittocx, A. Demeester, M. Buhler

Publisher Valiz

ISBN 9789492095527

Idea Code 18260

In the 21st century we have witnessed a significant expansion in the field of transhistorical exhibition practice. A range of curatorial efforts have emerged in which objects and artefacts from various periods and art historical and cultural contexts are combined in display, in an effort to question and expand traditional museological notions such as chronology, context, and category. Such experiments in transcending art historical boundaries can result in fresh insights into the workings of entrenched historical presumptions, providing a space to reassess interpretations of individual objects. With contributions by Mieke Bal, Hendrik Folkerts, Nicola Setari, Maria IƱigo Clavo, and others.

222 p, ills bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English