Gil Rigoulet - Rockabilly 82

Gildas Lecop

Publisher Andre Frere Editions

ISBN 9791092265446

Idea Code 16413

Beginning in the 1970s, rockabilly experienced a revival, first in California, then in the UK, and from there spread elsewhere. In the early 1980s, Gil Rigoulet followed a group of bandmates and friends, adherents of the rockabilly subculture, photographing them in an intimate yet documentary style. These images are published here for the first time, after more than 30 years of quietly waiting in Rigoulet’s archives. The youthful French subjects are part of a long history of subcultures, clothing styles, and class appropriation that dates back to 1950s Great Britain and the teddy boys, the pioneers of “rock culture” and many related urban tribes familiar today.

104 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 19 cm, hb, French/English


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