Alice Rosati - I Am A Mermaid

Lea Chauvel-Levy

Publisher Kahl Editions

ISBN 9780995761179

Idea Code 21495

Alice Rosati’s mermaid is an archetypal image representing a woman who is navigating life’s deep waters and inherent turmoil of emotions and sexuality. Sheathing herself in gold lamé and posing in numerous locations around the world, the mermaid searches for a place where she belongs, never to find it. Rosati’s long-term photographic project spans five years, yet she is always wearing the same mermaid suit. Over time, the fabric gradually becomes visibly worn and chafed. She becomes a paragon of the struggle of being in the world, a symbol of inadequacy. Yet she also shows how to embrace our instinctual sensuality, the wisdom of our body, and the relation of our spirit.

112 p, ills colour, 26 x 26 cm, hb, English


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