Drawing In Drag By Marie Duval

Simon Grennan

Publisher Book Works

ISBN 9781906012984

Published in 1877, The Story of a Honeymoon was written and illustrated by Charles H. Ross and Ambrose Clarke. Thousands of novels like it were produced in the period, as part of the first boom in popular mass entertainments – fashion, organised sport, smoking, tourism, day tripping, romance, musical theatre, comics and magazines. This period saw the birth of modern urban cultures of working-class leisure exemplified by the industrial city of Manchester.But Ambrose Clarke never existed. The artist drawing as this fictional man was a woman, Marie Duval. As one of only a handful of women cartoonists in a male publishing environment, her work was habitually disguised, emasculated, overwritten and stolen. In 2017, Simon Grennan identified Duval’s work in The Story of a Honeymoon for the first time. In Drawing in Drag Grennan focuses on the manners and habits of twenty-first century mass leisure culture, plus its roots in the great cities of the nineteenth century.

48 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 29 cm, hb, English


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Drawing In Drag By Marie Duval