Nigel Peake - Bokkusu

Nigel Peake

Publisher Fotokino

ISBN 9782902565139

Idea Code 21293

These drawings are about a type of box that Nigel Peake encountered for the first time in a Kottōya (antiques&rarities shop) outside Kamakura in 2019. This particular shop had no name or none that he saw. The room was organized by tables and chairs and small pieces of wooden furniture. At the side on a shelf was a row of boxes. They were made of wood, unpainted and each had a ribbon wrapped around all four sides. They were all different but the same ratio. At the bottom there was a small knick to allow the ribbon to pass. Peake did not want to disturb the row. The object inside remained unknown. These drawings are about the idea of those boxes. The act of concealment.

ills bw, 20 x 28 cm, pb, English


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