Jenny Rova - I Would Also Like To Be

Publisher B. Frank Books

ISBN 9783906217055

Idea Code 18461

Jenny Rova follows on her biographical photobook, ‘A self-portrait through the eyes of my lovers’, with ‘I would also like to be’, in which she imagines herself in the position of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend by superimposing herself on their life together, portrayed in photographs she downloaded from Facebook. Rova jealously places herself in the new girlfriend’s position, imitating her pose, expression, and clothes, and photographs herself in the same light, all in order to glue her own picture onto the original, covering the girlfriend. In taking the new girlfriend’s place, she is able to briefly see herself as being a part of her ex-love’s life once again, and imagine how it would be to be her.

72 p, ills bw, 20 x 26 cm, pb, English


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