The Very Last Judgment Triptych

Dieter Lesage Ed.

Publisher Revolver Publishing

ISBN 9783957630971

In 'The Very Last Judgement Triptych', the city and the world once again face final judgment. Unlike Bosch‘s Last Judgment Triptych, its topography is a radically secular one. The spatial coordinates of contemporary cosmopolitans, which The Very Last Judgement Triptych is intended to bring to mind, are no longer the Creation, Heaven and Hell, but the city, the state and the ‘Empire’. Is expulsion the faith of the Multitude? Anti-gentrification activists squat buildings, the Occupy movement occupies places and parks; but the last image we see is the image of their expulsion.

248 p, ills colour & bw, hb, German/English


The Very Last Judgment Triptych