Tetuya Noguchi - From Medieval With Love

Publisher Kyuryudo

ISBN 9784763018182

Idea Code 20159

Tetsuya Noguchi has a talent for parody and homage. History, science-fiction films, plastic models, and samurai armour are subjects that have fascinated him from a young age. These interests are translated into finely executed paintings and sculptures depicting samurai clad in feudal Japanese armour, but with humorous or incongruous details. A master caricaturist, Noguchi’s figurines strike absurd poses, wear hip trainers, or are mounted like insect or plant specimens. His paintings could be reproductions from the Edo period, while some mimic famous European masterpieces. An uncanny, subtle, and ultimately optimistic view on consumerism, luxury, and contemporary culture.

132 p, ills colour, 20 x 26 cm, hb, Japanese


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