Kan Sawa - Heavens Of Light, Planet Of Solitude

Publisher Hehe

ISBN 9784908062278

Kan Sawa's publication includes a variety of works including streetscapes of Tokyo, landscapes from around the world, portraits, architecture photographs, and abstract paintings-like images – all types of works are completely different in character, as if they were taken by different photographers. Indeed, all of them were captured instinctively by Sawa, reacting to whenever he had a feeling of strangeness towards the subject. His images, whether real or imaginary, illuminate a glimpse of the past and future of each place. Sawa’s incisive perspective reveals a continuing present and reminds us of an alternate reality that may become our future.

404 , ills colour & bw, 17 x 14 cm, box, Japanese/English


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Kan Sawa - Heavens Of Light, Planet Of Solitude