Qu3#19 Iranian Cities. An Emerging Urban Agenda At A Time Of Drastic Alterations

A. Coppola ; A. Fadaei Eds.

Publisher Quodlibet

ISBN 9788822904553

Idea Code 20080

In the last 50 years a set of crucial political and economic transformations has had a direct and significant impact on every aspect of Iranian urbanisation. Shifts in the nation’s urban agenda have occurred simultaneously with changes in the behaviour of individuals, enterprises, and civil society. Such changes have contributed to shaping a new field of tensions that urban scholars are just starting to grasp and address. This publication presents case studies and dialogues that touch upon the contemporary urban condition in Iran, from the reality of New Towns and the rise of participative practices, to the role of gender and new forms of politicisation in the urban space.

106 p, ills colour & bw, 15 x 21 cm, pb, Italian/English


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