Architectural Material 2 Wood

Publisher Damdi

ISBN 9788968010811

Idea Code 18514

The second in a multi-volume overview of materials in architecture focuses on wood. It includes more than 60 projects by 55 international practices, as well as brief statements from 25 architecture offices regarding their views on using this traditional material in modern buildings. Featuring SLOT Studio, Donner Sorcinelli Architecture, Piuarch, Mork-Ulnes Architects, Keiichi Hayashi, Landinez + Rey Arquitectos, OBRA Architects, Dai Nagasaka, Moussafir Architectes AssociƩs, OFIS arhitekti, Medir Architects, mecanoo, and many more. The diverse range of international projects includes interior, residential, housing, education, commercial, and public (urban and landscape).

430 p, ills colour, 24 x 29 cm, hb, English


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