Joris Geurts - Zonder Titel / Untitled 2015-2019

Frits De Coninck, Taco Dibbits

Publisher Slewe Gallery

ISBN 9789080621909

Idea Code 19185

Joris Geurts has described his paintings as a mix of light, space, and weight. His style is abstract and purely painterly, from shimmering blends of watery colour to, more recently, a palette of varying intensities of acrylic paint that vibrates with crackling contrast. His works consist of one or more single, wide strokes on paper, thereby seeking the bounds of possibility of body, brush, paint, and paper, and revelling in controlled coincidence. This catalogue of recent work by Geurts, published on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Slewe Gallery in Amsterdam, is designed by Irma Boom and Eva van Bemmelen, and includes texts by Taco Dibbits and Frits de Coninck.

144 p, ills colour, 22 x 27 cm, pb, Dutch/English


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