Dolph Kessler - The Wave Crossing The Atlantic

L. Stoop, G. Van Vledder

Publisher Mauritsheech Publishers

ISBN 9789082187380

Idea Code 18051

The Atlantic Ocean comprises an inconceivable volume of water, having an average depth of 4000 metres and covering approximately one fifth of the earth’s surface. Yet all we really see is its most superficial layer, the constant motion of waves, changing every second for millions of years. Photographer Dolph Kessler offers a collection of immutable snapshots of this mesmerising reality, each one a testament to the infinite variety in which ocean waves can manifest, their different moods, and volatile nature, from gentle wavelets to raging masses of water. The large-format images reflect a reverent, almost oceanographic fascination with the endless cycle of tide, wind, and water.

108 p, ills colour & bw, 35 x 30 cm, hb, Dutch/English


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