Hans Van Der Meer - Time To Change

Publisher Paradox

ISBN 9789082870800

Idea Code 18617

The gap between the consumer and the world of the cow has been growing over the past few decades. Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer takes a closer look at cows and dairy farming in this book, an investigation which addresses topics such as animal welfare, hi-tech food production, and the impact of these on the environment. Not only do his images bring a sharp focus on the complexity of modern farming, juxtaposing both its laudable and repugnant aspects, he also challenges farmers and innovators to think about how and in what way we should continue developing the future of food production. Most importantly, what will the role of the animals be in all this?

208 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, pb, Dutch/English


Hans Van Der Meer - Time To Change