Giorgio Andreotta Calo - Anastasis

Publisher Roma Publications

ISBN 9789492811622

Idea Code 20231

‘Anastasis (Heilig Graf)’ is an art intervention by Giorgio Andreotta Calò, designed for the Holy Sepulchre Chapel in Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk and connected to its rich history. The site-specific work drastically alters the church’s interior, bathing visitors in red light. Late in the evening the red light from the church coalesces with light from the plentiful brothels and prostitution windows surrounding the church. The Oude Kerk is situated in the midst of the city’s crowded Red Light District, and its stained glass windows with their vibrant colours (including red) were destroyed in the Calvinist iconoclasm of 1566. This publication on Calò’s work offers a deep insight into its creation.

112 p, ills colour, 24 x 33 cm, box, English


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