The Walter Benjamin And Albert S. Project

Maurice Bogaert

Publisher Jap Sam Books

ISBN 9789492852243

Idea Code 20486

Walter Benjamin and Albert S. sit simultaneously – I can’t imagine it any other way – at their respective writing and drawing tables, bent over their papers. One in Paris, the other in Berlin. Perhaps there is a moment when, as in a choreography, they both lift their right hand from the paper, in exact synchronization, and look to the side. Staring into the distance, for a moment, to summon a thought – and then, the moment is over. Albert S. stands up, and Walter Benjamin crosses out the sentence he has just written. 'The Walter Benjamin and Albert S. Project' is a book about the parallel lives of Walter Benjamin and Albert Speer and the quest to bring these two lives together.

224 p, ills bw, 16 x 23 cm, pb, English


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