A Study Of Assassination - By George Selley

Publisher The Eyes Publishing

ISBN 9791092727357

Idea Code 19303

This project by George Selley on the released CIA document “A Study of Assassination” is broken into two sets of images. The first is concerned with repurposing the manual, which relates to the Guatemalan Destabilization Programme in the 1950s, by way of photomontage. By combining its pages with archival press images, advertisement campaigns, Cold War propaganda, police reports, and staged imagery, the meaning of the documents is transformed. Connotations commonly associated with the banana – humour, sex, liberation, and the American Dream – are juxtaposed with its sinister history of oppression, capitalist imperialism, and genocide in Guatemala.

192 , ills colour & bw, 28 x 34 cm, map, French/English