Kabuki Greats - Dramatic Dances

Publisher Bss Bijutsu

ISBN 9784568431087

Idea Code 20375

The final volume in a series about the kabuki theatre of Japan, ‘Dramatic Dances’ introduces 20 ‘buyo’ dances, a style which has been an integral part of the kabuki repertoire throughout the history of this theatrical art form. Mastering buyo is a natural requirement for any aspiring kabuki actor, and the genre ranges from simple rhythmic dances set to music, to dances with intricate stories that may more accurately be referred to as “dance dramas”. Presented here are the most popular and oft-performed buyo pieces. The book contains synopses and explanations of the most recent versions of these plays, along with song lyrics, scripts, and fabulous costumes and props.

192 p, ills colour, 20 x 25 cm, hb, Japanese/English


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